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past clients

Last Name First Name Department
Aharoni Eyal Law & Neuroscience Project
Allen Pam Development
Anderson Hallie Development
Anderson Todd ADAM
Athanssakis Apostolis Classics
Badham James Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Ben-Shahar Osnat Psychology
Berberet John Human Resources
Bishop Joseph Academic Preparation and Equal Opportunity
Boggs Cathy Center for Film Television and New Media
Braun Kwame Film Sand Media Studies
Bruhn Kathleen Latin American & Iberian Studies
Bucholtz Mary Linguistics
Busby Cathy Earth Science
Cadenas Anthony Letters and Science / Honors Program
Carbon John MCD Biology
Chadwick Oliver Geography
Champlin Charles Admissions
Clarke David Materials
Coonen Kim Humanities and Fine Arts
Cox Vic Public Affairs
Cox Claudia Academic Preparation and Equal Opportunity
Dogu Mehmet ADAM
Earl Carmen Laboratory for Aggregate Economics & Finance
Effinger Jenell Human Resources
Elliot Kimberly Economics
Ettenberg Aaron Psychology
Evans Tony Materials
Everett Anna Film and Media Studies
Falvo Gretchen Executive Vice Chancellor
Fields Heather OAP
Fortier Rollin University Art Museum
Gans Phil Earth Science
Gardinale Paolo UCSB Social Science Survey Cneter
Gerber Michael Education
Givens Dan Letters and Science
Gomez Cecilia State Governmental Relations $ Advocacy
Gray Leslie Development
Guerena Sal UCSB Library — Special Collections
Hammel Liz Budget and Planning
Hansma Paul Physics
Hawker Craig Materials
Hecht Richard Jewish Studies
Helfer Andrea Admissions
Herrera-Sobek Maria Chicano Studies
Holdredge Barbara Religious Studies
Hopson Cliff Geology
Israelachvili Jacob Chemical Eng; & Materials
Jordan Mary Ann MCD Biology
Kanjo Kathryn University Art Museum
Keller Ed Earth Science
Klanfer Nicole Development
Kolstad Charles Economics and Environmental Science
Kuris Armand EEM Biology
Lee Elizabeth Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
Lerner Gene Sociology
Lick Wilbert Mechanical Engineering
Lipshutz Bruce Chemistry
Love Milton Marine Science Institute
Lubin Phil Physics
Mace Kaelen South Coast Writing Project
Majewski John History
Manalis Mel Environmental Studies
Maron Adine Public Affairs
Marshall David Humanities and Fine Arts
Mathis Marcus Admissions
McMullen Marcus Rec Sports
Miller Michael Development
Mithun Marianne Linguistics
Moore John Mathematics
Morris Whitney Campus Conference Services
Morrison Gale Graduate Division
Morse Dan MCD Biology
Myers Karen Communication
Nisbet Mary Letters and Science
O’Connor Mary Anthropology
Oliver Melvin Social Sciences
Pena Theresa Chicano Studies Institute
Penley Constance Film and Media Studies
Perlin John Physics
Poirer Karen College of Creative Studies
Pollard Riley Communication Services
Powell Bill Religious Studies
Pritchard Lynne Psychology
Przekop Lisa Admissions
Rogers Robin Social Sciences
Rosenblatt Jayne Sage Center
Samuel Charles MCD Biology
Sandoval Byron Facilities
Schilling Misti Development
Schneider Beth Sociology
Simpson Tye Planning & Design
Skowronski Scott Economics
Staub Sudi Development
Sundberg Bob Transportation and Parking Services
Sylvester Art Earth Science
Thompson Kim Library
Thrower Doug MCD Biology
Vierra Marie University Art Museum
Vito Sally Campus Conference Services
Walker Janet Film Studies
Walston Valerie Center for Nanotechnology in Society
Willer Mary Admissions
Wilson Les MCD Biology
Wu Kevin Graduate Division
Zasadzinski Joseph Chemical Engineering
Zok Frank Materials

artworks contacts

David GurbaWeb Programmer1140 Kerr hall
Eddie Peralta Digital Imaging Specialist1140 Kerr Hall